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Do you know how many stories are in the world? As soon as you hear it, you may wonder what a silly question to ask? The world's population is about 8 billion. Yes, there are 8 billion stories on this earth. How many stories have you heard? Two? Ten? Thousands of people? where are the remaining people stores? 

The story of the Dolpali man touches the man of Jhapa. The story of a man fighting with hunger in Africa's weeping Asians. why?what connects us?Yes, stories connect us. Story binds us.The hope, energy and faith that comes from living are mixed with stories. we are getting ripped off by each other's stories. Stories help to have a bright and wide ranging dream and to continue to follow.

we tell untold stories of peoples.  Everyone is special. And his/her story is also special. If we don't tell their story, stories will die.

Yes we are Katha Express. we hear your stories and connect the world. We make you better and the world.

What we do ?

Audio Video Production

Remember us for any kind of audio - video production work.

Script Writing

Remember us for script writing works. We are among best writers.

Branding and Marketing

Show us your marketing budget we will give you plan.

Expert consulting
If you are confuse about how to market your product we do consulting on documentary related works.